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Imtech is supported in terms of content by SharePeople. SharePeople brings sustainable entrepreneurs in developing countries in contact with professionals and larger European companies such as Imtech. SharePeople has a wealth of experience with ‘learning programmes’ in developing countries. It safeguards the interests of all the parties involved and ensures that the knowledge sharing leads to a contribution made for a sustainable society and a better world.

Kessels & Smit
Kessels & Smit is a company that devotes itself to the individual growth of employees, sustainable organisational development and knowledge productivity. Approximately 50 professionals work for The Learning Company. They have branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, India, Germany and the United States. Kessels & Smit supports Imtech’s Boost Teams during the various SSDC projects in South Africa.

World Mobile Plants
World Mobile Plants and Imtech worked together in 2008 on technological solutions for making environmentally friendly biodiesel from used cooking oil.

Nova works on helping vulnerable families in South Africa. The South African government’s announcement concerning the dramatic increase in energy prices would mainly affect poor people in the country’s slums. In 2009 Nova and Imtech worked together to encourage energy awareness with activities including energy measurements for three differing classes (poor, middle-class and rich) and advised individuals on how they could decrease their electricity bill.

Ubuntu Company: 'Plakkies' and 'Kadangas'
The Ubuntu Company produces sandals for the Western market and donates the revenues to children’s projects in the slums. Imtech advised the company in 2009 on the best relationship between the technologies it utilised and the optimal use of the employees.

Gert Sibande District
The local government in the Gert Sibande District is one of Imtech’s partners for improving local water and sanitation services. Safeguarding sources of water is the duty of the government in South Africa, as is the formulation of water policy. The Gert Sibande District attaches signal importance to sustainability opportunities in the development of the region.

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