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24/7 Service

For 24/7 service call our service desk nearest to your location. You can find all addresses of our service stations in the List of Service Stations.

List of service stations



The Radio, navigational & VDR survey activities of Imtech Marine and Radio Holland are included in our certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Information related to our ISO 9001 Approval, Classification Society Recognitions, and the global availability of our trained and certified surveyors can be found here

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History of Radio Holland

Radio Holland 's history is marked by persistence and entrepreneurial spirit. The company was founded in 1916 by a group of Dutch ship owners as the ‘Nederlandsche Telegraaf-Maatschappij Radio-Holland’.

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Radio Holland

Service Technician boarding a vessel

Radio Holland is part of Imtech Marine and specializes in the supply, installation, integration and service of maritime electronics and is also known as satellite airtime provider.

Radio Holland is known for its 24-hour service on the spot. Many shipowners around the world use the services of Radio Holland to maintain and repair the equipment on board. Radio Holland has many customers in the international shipping market: deepsea shipowners, coastal & inland shipping, dredging, government & navy, megayacht shipyards, fishery, etc. Radio Holland enjoys a high reputation worldwide as an allround maritime electronics specialist.

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